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We all can agree; this is an unprecedented time. The crisis we currently face has left us feeling helpless, overwhelmed, anxious, and scared. With all the chaos and instability, we tend to forget the importance of self-care and instead, succumb to stress, which can wreak havoc on the mind and body. Rather than dwelling on things you cannot control, it’s helpful to focus on areas of your life that are easily managed. Read on for tips for maintaining a healthy mind and body while practicing self-care during these uncertain times.

Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Keeping your immune system healthy and functioning at its best is important for your ability to fight viruses. First, we’ve all seen the best advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the global health community. It’s as simple as it is powerful: Wash your hands thoroughly. If you’re sick, stay home. And if you’re not, keep your distance from those who might have been exposed to, or are infected with, COVID-19 while they recover. Get your rest, eat right, stay hydrated and exercise regularly.


Everywhere we turn there is endless amount of news and some that provide incorrect or inaccurate  information. It seems that we constantly see gloom and doom on television, social media and print. Massive and consistent doses of bad news contribute to depression and anxiety, which can manifest into physical illness. Although its important to stay informed of what’s happening in your community, its recommended to take breaks throughout the day. Clear your mind, take a nap, go for a walk or read a book. There will always be news but its more important to protect yourself and your mind. It shouldn’t take a Pandemic to make us reset our lives, slow down and spend more time with family and friends.

Lets take the good out if this and learn what’s more important in life.


A new study conducted by University of Virginia cardiovascular medicine professor Dr. Zhen Yan suggests regular exercise can reduce a person’s risk of contracting deadly health complications, such as the coronavirus. He believes the pandemic is a reminder for people to exercise on a regular basis.
“This pandemic is a wake-up call so that everyone of us should pay attention to our lifestyle and we should exercise regularly,” said Yan. “At this moment, it is my recommendation for everyone if you can. “He said doing exercises that focus on cardio is better instead of strength. “The type of exercise that is relevant for this particular situation is aerobic exercise, which means the exercise will increase your heart rate and breathing rather than lifting weights,” said Yan. In addition to exercising, he said it is important to get good sleep while also having a healthy diet, which should complement your fitness efforts, along with maintaining social distancing while exercising.


You might be surprised to learn that certain nutrients in foods have been shown to reduce anxiety or spur the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine — and we all want to feel as good as we can during these times of uncertainty. People are feeling a lot of stress right now, and the unfortunate reality is that stress worsens feelings of low mood or angst, and it also suppresses our immune systems. Therefore, targeting immune-boosting foods will have a dual effect — you may feel less anxious and boost your immunity. The body’s “happy hormones” like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, found in foods like strawberries, nuts, and dark chocolate, can boost happiness while relieving stress and reducing pain.


Water is the most important nutrient for your body. It is needed for every biological function. Here are the top 10 benefits of drinking six to eight glasses of water a day. All organs, including our brains, need water to function properly. When you experience an emergency or crisis, the body produces cortisol, otherwise known as the “stress hormone.” High levels of cortisol contribute to several issues including high blood pressure, belly fat, muscle weakness, changes in mood, and weight gain. Staying hydrated can keep cortisol levels in check. So, grab a glass (or eight) of H20 and say goodbye to stress.

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And of course – WASH YOUR HANDS & WEAR A MASK IN PUBLIC! Stay Safe!

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