Say Goodbye to Frustrating Warts with Wart Treatment in Fredericksburg

At The Dermatology Center, we will help you address the presence of warts just about anywhere they might appear, so you can enjoy clear, healthy skin that looks and feels fantastic. We offer a number of methods by which we can address your warts, and are want to learn more about how we can help you absolutely love your skin. To learn more about your wart removal options, reach out to us at our Fredericksburg location and speak to a member of our team to set up your initial consultation.

Different Types of Warts

For the most part, warts are caused by a viral infection and can be contagious. They’re very common, and many of them can even go away all on their own, without necessarily needing treatment. Some, however, will remain for a while and might require that you get them addressed by a professional. While most warts don't cause discomfort, some can be fairly painful (typically on the bottom of the feet). Let’s take a look at the different types of warts.

Common Warts

This is the so-called, “standard issue” wart that one might see on just about any part of the body. They are most frequently seen on the feet or hands, though they can show up anywhere, and are typically greyish in color, with a very rough texture that is somewhat similar to a callous.

Plantar Warts

This is the type of wart that appears most commonly on the soles of the feet, where they grow inward instead of outward due to the near-constant pressure that is applied to the bottoms of the feet. These warts can be quite painful when walking or standing.

Flat Warts

Flat warts are found to develop most commonly on the thighs, the arms, or the face. They tend to be a bit harder to notice, with a more flesh-toned color and a texture that is smooth compared to common warts and plantar warts. They tend to be slightly raised.

Filiform Warts

This type of wart is most commonly seen around the nose or the mouth, but can occasionally form near the chin or around the neck area. These warts are thin, small, and tend to be flesh-colored, taking on the appearance of a skin tag in many cases.

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Should I Remove My Warts?

Many individuals worry that their warts are an indication that something more serious might be looming on the horizon. For the most part, you can rest assured that warts are not cancerous. The presence of genital warts can be somewhat serious, however, and it’s recommended that you see a medical professional right away if you have noticed warts or lesions in this area.

In almost all other cases, your warts will likely be little more than a source of cosmetic frustration. It’s quite understandable to wish to have your warts removed so that you can enjoy a more clear and more healthy look, and there are a number of methods by which this can be accomplished. Warts can also snag on clothing, making them ideal for removal.

How Can We Help?

Here at The Dermatology Center, we offer a variety of both surgical and non-surgical wart treatment options that can help you address the presence of frustrating warts. In some cases, laser therapy can be utilized to address the presence of warts with totally non-surgical means. In other cases, we might opt to utilize surgical excision or another method to remove your warts.

When you visit The Dermatology Center for wart removal in Fredericksburg, you’ll get the chance to meet with an expert member of our staff, who will evaluate the type of warts you’re dealing with and recommend the treatment modality that will create the most ideal results. When you’re ready to learn more, reach out to our Fredericksburg office and set up your consultation today.

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