Say Goodbye to Frustrating Lines and Wrinkles with Wrinkle Relaxers

Dysport is an injectable wrinkle relaxer that works similarly to BOTOX® to reduce and soften dynamic lines and wrinkles on the face to provide younger-looking skin in both men and women.  Dynamic wrinkles are formed by recurrent facial movements and expressions (like frowning, laughing, and smiling), eventually causing the overlying skin to have a furrowed line that is visible even when your face is relaxed. This injectable temporarily softens the muscle so the skin appears smoother, but with natural-looking results that don’t give you a “frozen” face. To learn more about how Dysport can help you address your cosmetic concerns, reach out to our Fredericksburg location and set up your consultation today.

The Ideal Dysport Candidate

Visiting The Dermatology Center in Fredericksburg for your initial consultation gives one of our highly experienced aesthetic experts the chance to learn about your cosmetic goals, get to know your unique physical characteristics, and learn about your personal lifestyle. All of this information will help us guide you to the treatment option that’s right for you. We’re proud to offer a wide range of non-surgical solutions to a variety of cosmetic concerns, so we’ll work closely with you to ensure that you’re guided to the right procedure.

You’re likely a great candidate for wrinkle relaxers if you’re looking for a way to address:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • “Eleven” lines

Addressing Those Dynamic Wrinkles

Dysport works very similarly to other wrinkle relaxers, in that it is specifically formulated to address the presence of what are known as dynamic wrinkles. While some wrinkles are caused by lost volume, others are caused by the constant use of your facial muscles. Over time, these muscles cause the formation of lines and wrinkles in the skin that sits just above them.

Dysport works by essentially hitting the “pause button” on the nerve signals that are telling these facial muscles to move. This effectively freezes the facial muscles that have been causing your dynamic wrinkles, preventing more from forming in the future, and addressing the presence of those that have already started to impact your youthful glow.

The injections are performed with a very fine-gauge needle, making the process very tolerable, and most Dysport sessions are over in about 15 minutes. You’ll experience a bit of redness and some tenderness in the treatment area, but this will be the extent of any recovery period or downtime you’ll encounter.

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Offering You the Results You Deserve

Here at The Dermatology Center, we’re committed to the most advanced treatments, and we’re dedicated to delivering them in the most relaxing and welcoming possible environment. Our Fredericksburg location is home to a wide variety of exciting treatment options, from injectable wrinkle relaxers like BOTOX and Dysport to advanced laser procedures that’ll help you enjoy an effortlessly youthful glow.

Ready to learn more about what The Dermatology Center can do for you? A member of our team is standing by and ready to help you set up your initial consultation. Simply reach out to us at our Fredericksburg location and start your journey to healthy, happy skin today.

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